Winter Storm are a Five piece Dark Melodic Female Fronted Metal band hailing from the West Midlands, United Kingdom. 

Winter Storm began in 2008 with a vision to create a band that would be heavy, atmospheric, whilst still retaining traits of the Gothic Metal sound, but providing a more Melodic Metal edge.

Since 2009, Winter Storm have supported: Alestorm, Mortad, Delain, Sirenia, The Birthday Massacre, Theatres Des Vampires, Sarah Jezebel Deva (Ex Cradle of Filth), Die So Fluid, ReVamp, To-Mera, Lahannya, Achilla, Triaxis, Evil Scarecrow, Idiom, Voodoo Johnson, Raggedy Angry, The Eden House and more.

In 2010, Winter Storm released their debut album, Serenity In Darkness. The album features fan favourites such as; The Embrace, Prison Cell, Firedancer and Internal Storm. The album received an 8/10 from Poweplay's Andrew Hawnt who stated:


"Here's a band that have got their sound and image sorted. Winter Storm have the air of a band who know exactly what they want to do and how they want to do it; their sound is defined by the vocals and guitars of frontwoman Hannah, whose classically influenced voice and slightly punky guitars add a different direction to the gothic metal blueprint. Masked keyboardist/professional wrestler  adds some epic scale to the proceedings. Winter Storm are refreshingly different to the recent slew of bands in this particular genre, in that they inject a few progressive ideas into tracks such as rousing opener ''Firedancer'' and the equally marvellous ''Embrace''. While the band and their material are of high quality, songs such as ''Inner Demon'' and ''Prison Cell'' show us a band that has a very bright future with their particular brand of darkness. 8/10. Andrew Hawnt, Powerplay Magazine.

Hannah - Vocals and Lead Guitars




Hannah has a been in several projects, from Rock band Oxzide to 'World Music' Choir Stream of Sound, and runs her own acoustic project on vocals/guitars. Some of her musical influences include Iron Maiden, Opeth, Nightwish, Nevermore, Megadeth, Immortal, Devin Townsend, Rob Zombie to name but a few. Hannah studied Music Technology and Popular Music degree at University and recently completed her teacher training PGCE PCE qualification.


Wayne - Seven String Guitars



Wayne was vocalist and founding member of local metal band Forge Chaos. Wanting to give his voice a break, and get the chance to exercise his 7 string guitar skills to their fullest, he helped form Winter storm. Catering for the thirst to play guitar and to indulge the Gothic side of his taste, this is an opportunity to further his creativity and enjoy a different side to his music. 


Kim - Bass Guitar 



In 2014 Kim joined us on the bass guitar. Previously performed in local band 'Silence The Hero' he outgrew the pub scene as his appetite for metal increased. Influences include Within Temptation, Avatar, Evanescence and of course, Jagermeister!


Janson - Keyboards/Synths

Janson is the newest member to the Winter Storm fold, being current keys player for Awake By Design, Janson came along to help us with some shows, and we have been having a great time working together, we are very happy to introduce him to the band.



  Richard - Drums


Richard has written most of the drums for Winter Storm across the years since 2009. He featured on Serenity in Darkness, and wrote most of the drumming for within the frozen design. Richard is into tech and djent metal, and was a part of Terraform previously, as well as other notable projects. Rich has rejoined full time to write album three.

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