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MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2014
Rock and Metal Circus 2014!


So in September Winter Storm are proud to be performing on the Saturday 13th at the Rock and Metal Circus festival 2014 (Sywell Aerodome, Northamptonshire).


Last year's was a great success and featured the likes of Breed 77.


This year has Wolf, American Head Charge, Voodio Sioux, Godsized, Tygers of Pan Tang - to name a few!


Tickets can be purchased via: http://rockmetalcircus.co.uk/years-poster/


Once you have brought tickets to let us know and it can go towards our quota!



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So we have finally been getting some reviews in Europe..



10/10 from Dark News in Germany! http://www.dark-news.de/passend-jahreszeit-winter-storm-within/43960 

A couple of foreign reviews! Here's one from Power Metal (DE) http://powermetal.de/review/review-Winter_Storm/Within_The_Frozen_Design,23487.html


(translation required for all!) 


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Winter Storm to be featured on Headbangers FM!




Winter Storm are to be featured on Headbangers FM!




We should be played  on the Fight For Rock show at 16.30 CET



(Show is from 14.00 CET - 17.00 CET)




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Winter Storm Release Brand NEW Video For 'Wasted Feelings'!

Winter Storm Release Brand NEW Video For 'Wasted Feelings'!

Wasted Feelings is to be featured on the forthcoming second album, 'Within The Frozen Design', due for release later this month, and is available for pre-order now, whilst stocks last.



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10/10 album review for Within The Frozen Design

We have recently been featured in the well known PowerPlay magazine for a review of Within The Frozen Design which received 8/10, below is a 10/10 review!




Cold Creation
Is a powerful opening track that builds with incredible intrigue that is powered simply by the sweeping symphonic sounds, which play alongside a dark ambient spine that is twisted beyond the boundaries of everything ‘normal?’
Wasted Feelings
Tumultuous and rapidly breathes fire from its dark and ambient embrace. Vocally Hannah sounds very intense and professional in her approach and the track on the whole has a serious outlook that creeps and twists boldly upon the proceedings.
Shadow Weaver
Sonic and fiery this track is heavy right to the core of its existence, with thickly grazing tendencies that will scar you with a beauty that can only come from its passion. Toxic strings reach out like a well-developed vine - with its branches aiming straight for the jugular. A very satisfying track that warrants and well worthy of a repeat or two!
Symmetric Flow
Beautifully melodic and inspiring with plenty of intrigue that’s passionate and holds the imagination. Possessing a strong rhythmic sway of poetic justice. The soaring riffs will just eat you from the inside out, make no mistake on that! Basking in sumptuous melodies, this track has that and more besides.
Afraid to Speak
The ambiance given out on this track is compelling and dark.  It sweeps gracefully with a melodic temper, brushing the darker depths with resourceful twists and holds a swell of magnetic temptation. The vocals gently, but firmly carry the track to a thrilling conclusion that will have the heart pumping with intrigue. Outstanding track!
Beneath the Mystery
Again, and overwhelming with ambiance this track pumps out darkening twists that rise and swell with enticing rhythms. Potent with a flurry of intensity and resounding rigorous attack, yet still maintaining its seductive qualities. There are also some quite harsh and bruising moments contained within its sinewy out-stretched fingers courtesy of some amazing riffs.
Broken World
Stark as it is diverse with great vocal effects. The keyboards are the backbone of this stunning track. The heaviness simply roars with abandon.  It’s infectious, strong and compelling with a magnitude of intensity and the second instrumental track on the album.
Universal Design
Thunderous effects come into play that are overtaken by some sizzling guitar work and ambient keyboard.  The vocals bristle with a strong intensity leaving the listener rather breathless. Further on in the track the keyboard overtones take on a mesmeric effect lifting the track with good solid machine gun effect drumming to back it up and give further sonic urgency.
This track over shadows with brooding consistency but never loses sight of the melodic beauty that sweeps within its tendrils of ambiance. Hannah’s vocal is dark and haunting at the same time, which offers superb graceful and compelling persuasion.
Dark Awakening
The tingle screams unmercifully down your spine as this track fires into existence. Harbouring a dark malevolence that lingers throughout and is soaked with rich melodies that brood and smoulder with evil intent. The breakdown is simply so powerful it will embed itself into your psyche!
Waves of Misery
The sound of rainfall and then soft devious strings enter – you can breathe out now! A seducing little track that harbours a swirl of eager anticipation as the track grows into a fierce and unyielding melodic swathe of rhythmic, tempestuous infection. This is another instrumental track with plenty of bite that will leave its mark! I shall be repeating this track again because you never know what is coming next! It is truly outstanding!
The Frozen Siren
Sharp keyboard tones are suddenly overshadowed with electric guitar that resonate to an astounding level of intensity. Beautifully balanced with seductive melodies and erupting with bristling intent to reach its immense conclusion. Fiery and uncompromising – get that volume up now and bask in its glorious rhythms – what a track to end on – it leaves you wanting more without a doubt!
To Sum up:
Never before, have I heard such bone crunching intensity from a band that has been labelled as 'Gothic' – this is immensely powerful, not the usual Gothic band whose tracks tend to run away with themselves and then end up nowhere! This should carry a health warning!
Winter Storm offers intrigue by the bucket load, are striking and elevated with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster! Haunting keyboard melodies linger and lick the ears whilst a heavy ambient flavours hit you right between the eyes, and will more than awaken the senses, leaving you refreshed and ready for a repeat dose!
Truly a superb, well produced album that you will find, just as I have, that twelve tracks just aren’t enough to stem the flow of blood as it courses round the system and will eventually explode through every pore in your entire body. With their anthemic lures, coupled with vibrant riffs and haunting melodies the addiction has truly taken over. I simply urge you to check this band out NOW! They are just phenomenal!

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